smartyscoopHello! My name is Smarty Scoop, and I love finding the newest and coolest science news and bringing it to you! Science isn’t just what you learn in a boring textbook at school, it’s happening all the time all around you. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a quick and fun way learn what’s going on? I think so! Every Monday at 8 AM , I will bring you a fresh and exciting scoop of scientific advancement, specially illustrated by me!

Want to learn more about a story? just click the link at the bottom of each story to find the original article.

Smarty Scoop was born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her parents (two archaeologists) instilled a love of science and nature that she enjoys sharing with others through her illustrations.


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  1. Hi there,
    Thanks for taking the time to stop by my little corner of the Blogosphere and for the follow. Your support is greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoyed you visit and look forward to seeing more from you.
    Have a great day, 

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    1. Hi Cynthia! Thank you so much! I use Photoshop and a drawing tablet to create most of my illustrations! Sometime I also use watercolor or scanned in textures (like crumbled up paper) when I work. Let me know if you are interested in digital illustration and I would be happy to send you resources or answer any questions!

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      1. Thanks for the info. Do you know if there are free versions of Photoshop or similar software available? I haven’t used PS in years, and only then could do basic things. I didn’t realize you could make such nice images, i thought you were going say that you used Illustrator. But I would be interested to play around with this kind of stuff again.


      2. I know it’s totally counter intuitive! Photoshop is good for working with images (like photos or paintings) and illustrator is good for vectors and more graphic stuff. I have heard of some free ones like one called Krita but have never tried them. Adobe also now has this cool thing called the creative cloud where you can pay a monthly subscription for their software instead of having to buy it for crazy amounts of money. BTW I love the photo challenges you have on your blog!

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