Meet Majungasaurus



Hi, there!

My name is Majungasaurus, and I am the newest dinosaur addition to the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History here in Ann Arbor. If you think I look cool now as a fossilized skeleton, you should have seen me 70 million years ago! I lived during the Late Cretaceous on an island called Madagascar off the coast of Africa.

I am a large theropod, which means I am a predator and hunt for my food on two legs, just like another dinosaur that you’re probably familiar with… the T. rex! T. rex has gotten a lot of the attention over the years, but I recently made my big film debut in “Jurassic World” when my DNA was used to make the Indominus rex. And it’s easy to see why they chose me for the role, I measure over 20 feet long (that’s bigger than your average car) and I have some pretty unusual characteristics.


For example, did you know that my arms are even shorter than T. rex‘s and can’t bend at the elbow or wrist?! Try drinking a cup of tea or holding a cell phone with those arms! Trust me, it won’t work. My legs are unusually stocky, and I have a short snout and huge shoulder blades. And, as if that’s not awesome enough, I also have a small horn on the top of my head. I tried to get my friends to call me the dinocorn… it’s still catching on. So, I may seem a little awkward, but during the Cretaceous I was a fearsome predator, and at least no one has ever accused me of being a cannibal…


Ok, you caught me… I am one of the only dinosaurs that is thought to have been a cannibal. Scientists discovered bite marks on other Majungasaurus remains that match my teeth perfectly. But hey, it’s tough out there when you have tiny arms!

There’s a lot more to learn about me, so come visit the Majungasaurus exhibit at the new Museum of Natural History. I promise not to bite…


Learn more about the Museum of Natural History at

and learn more about Majungasaurus HERE

April 3, 2019


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